SAUDI ARABIA SMS: Products and Compliance

Saudi Arabia

Sender ID Alphanumeric
Dialing code 966
Major Carriers STC, Mobily, Zain
Number portability Yes
Message length 160 characters.
Support for Concatenated message -
Sender ID Supported

Short Code

Long Code 

Setup Time 2-3 Business Weeks
Support for Two Way SMS -
Extra Information

Sender ID registration is required

Unicode is supported            

SMS Compliance

Promotional / Marketing Messages

  • Only for entities that have local entity in Saudi Arabia
  • Marketing Traffic must go through the marketing route. Numbers on the do-not-disturb list will not receive marketing traffic.
  • Marketing traffic is not to be sent between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am, GMT+3 (Saudi Arabia time).
  • Marketing traffic sent on the transactional route will fail.
  • Sender IDs used for sending advertising/promotional content must include the postfix "AD". For example, if the client wants the sender ID to be "FunSun", then the client must register and use "FunSun-AD" or "FunSun AD".
  • Please ensure you have a separate sub-account ID and sender ID for each traffic type.

Opt-Out Requirements (Marketing/Promotional Messages)

  • All marketing/promotional messages should end with Do-Not-Disturb activation details.
  • For English messages: "To Stop, send 3311 to 900"
  • For Arabic messages: "900 لإيقاف الرسائل الاعلانية ارسل 3311 الى"

Whitelisting of Content

  • Whitelisting of content is mandatory for messages to be successfully delivered

OTP messages: 

  • Transactional traffic must go via the transactional route. Numbers on the do-not-disturb list will receive transactional/notification SMS.

Prohibited Content:

The following types of messaging on all SMS messaging products are all prohibited:

  • Adult Content
  • Religious content
  • Political Content
  • Gambling
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