United Arab Emirates

Sender ID Alphanumeric  
Dialing code 971
Major Carriers du and Etisalat
Message length 160 or 123 (Depending on what type on Sender ID - refer to "Country Regulations")
Support for Concatenated message Supported
Setup Time 15-20 Business Days
Support for Two Way SMS -
Country Regulations
  1. Only customers with Local entity in the UAE is allowed to send Marketing/Promotional messages
  2. As per the mandate of TRA UAE, effective from 3rd May 2020, all promotional mobile marketing communication SMS can only be sent with Sender IDs starting with prefix “AD-“ followed by the name of the sender ID e.g. If your company or customer has a Sender ID “Brandpro”, the new Sender ID shall be “AD-BrandPro”. Ensure that the Sender ID name including the “AD-XXXX“ prefix “AD-“ does not exceed the maximum limit of 11 characters of Sender ID length
  3. All marketing or promotional SMS traffic towards the UAE must include 'To stop receiving "Sender ID" to 7726" at the end of the message body. Messages sent without the "blocking option" will be blocked.
  4. Marketing messages cannot be sent between 9pm to 7am (UAE time)
  5. Customer's consent to receive SMS: Maintenance of Customer consent/s which proves that the aforementioned recipient number has opted in to receive from the Sender ID/Short code any promotional/marketing SMS.
  6. For transactional Sender IDs, they can be sent without the prefix "AD-"
Country Restrictions

Crpytocurrency traffic is not allowed.


Prohibited Content:

  • Adult content
  • Religious Messages
  • Political messages 
Extra Information

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