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Sender ID Alphanumeric
Dialing code 965
Major Carriers Zain Kuait, VIVA, Ooredoo Kuwait
Number portability Yes
Message length 160 characters
Support for Concatenated message Supported
Setup Time 10-15 Business Days
Support for Two Way SMS No
Country Regulations
  • The Sender ID Pre-Registration must contain the brand name
  • The sender ID categories are divided into 2 categories Local and International (Companies with HQ in Kuwait is categorised as Local)
  • The promotional/marketing Sender IDs must contain the prefix "AD-" (e.g. AD-XXX)
  • Must include opt-in and opt-out for all promotional and marketing messages.
  • The different types of traffic need different Sender IDs
Country Restrictions

Prohibited contents:

  • Gambling
  • SPAM
  • loan traffic
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • adult
  • political content is likely to be blocked by the Kuwait operators

Industry Reference:

Communication & Info. Technology Regulatory Authority

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