PHILIPPINES SMS: Products and Compliance


Sender ID Alphanumeric
Dialing code Globe, Smart, Sun
Number portability Yes
Message length 160 characters.
Support for Concatenated message Yes (up to 3 parts)
Setup Time 10-14 Business Days 
Support for Two Way SMS Yes (Long Code)
Extra Information

Sender ID registration required

Unicode is not supported            

Department of Information and Communications Technology:

Supported and non supported features and for SMS:

  1. Handset delivery receipts are not readily available. In fact, for delivery receipts, Spam filters often return fake delivery receipts and do not discriminate between spam and legitimate traffic. Live handset DLRs are not readily available but can be provided upon request. 
  2. Dynamic Sender ID is not supported. Sender ID Brands classified as Premium Sender IDs as well as Generic Sender IDs are prohibited on the domestic route.
  3. Unicode is not supported.
  4. Concatenated messages are supported to a maximum of 3 parts.
  5. Financial (OTP/ Transactional) SMS should include the company name in the content of the message.

Content restrictions:

The following are the restricted content when it comes to sending SMS in the Philippines:

  • Advertisement for Adult Content
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Gambling
  • Drugs
  • For a candidate in elections (Political)
  • Commercial and promotional advertisement
  • Surveys and other broadcast/push messages shall be sent only to subscribers who have prior consent or have specifically opted-in to receive messages
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