FRANCE SMS: Products and Compliance


Sender ID Alpha Dynamic (up to 11 Characters)
Numeric Sender ID not supported 
Dialing code 33
Major Carriers Orange, SFR, Free Mobile, Bouygues Telecom
Number portability Yes
Message length 160 characters.
Support for Concatenated message Yes
Sender ID Supported Alpha Dynamic
Setup Time -
Support for Two Way SMS Yes

SMS Compliance

France now has a Allowed and Forbidden list of brands

  • Those Sender ID that is in the Allowed list will have to provide LOA.
  • Those Sender ID that is in the Forbidden list is NOT ALLOWED to send traffic.
  • If Sender ID is in neither in Allowed nor Forbidden list of brands, Sender ID is Alpha Dynamic

Prohibited Content:

The following types of messaging on all SMS messaging products:

  • Adult Content 
  • Gambling
  • Betting

Opt In Requirements: 

All receiving recipients must be opted in to receive marketing content or communication.

Sending to purchased/imported lists of recipients who have not opted in is not allowed.

Opt Out and Help Requirements:

All SMS sent should allow "STOP / HELP/ OPT-OUT" for the recipient to exercise the option to stop receiving SMS.

Other Considerations

Recipients on "Do-Not-Call or Do-Not-Disturb" registries should not be contacted.

French mobile networks block marketing SMS traffic between 10pm and 8am, on Sundays, and on French public holidays. If messages are sent during these restricted times, they will be queued and sent the following day.

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