Sender ID All Sender ID will be overwritten to Long Code
Dialing code 86
Major Carriers China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom
Message length 70 characters
Support for Concatenated message Supported
Setup Time 5-10 Business Days
Support for Two Way SMS Yes (Long Code)
Country Regulations There is no specific regulations
Country Restrictions

The following types of messaging on all SMS messaging products are all prohibited:

  • spam
  • adult
  • religious
  • political
  • gambling
  • Trading
  • Stock Exchange
  • Money Lending
  • Falun Gong and other similar politically driven fractions, Multi-level marketing or Properties marketing content.
Extra information

Signature and content template whitelisting is required. Signature is considered the Sender ID with either【】or [] bracket, and it will be in front of the message.

For example:

【8x8】Your OTP content is 123456.

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