All SMS programs must be in English and French. If they are primarily in Canada, using only French is acceptable.


Sender ID Numeric
Dialling code 1
Major Carriers Rogers Wireless, Telus Canada, Bell Canada, Sasktel Canada, Freedom Mobile, Dryden Mobility, MTS Mobility, Telecom Videotron
Message length 160 characters
Support for Concatenated message Not supported
Setup time 5-10 Business Days
Support for Two Way SMS Yes (Long Code, Toll-free number and Short code)
Country regulations Opt In Requirements:
  • All receiving recipients must be opted in to receive the content they have signed up for.
  • Senders must be able to provide opt in methods if there is a carrier request.
  • Sending to purchased/imported lists of recipients who have not opted in is not allowed.
Opt Out and Help Requirements:
  • Customers will be responsible for all opt out, “STOP, END, INFO, AIDE, ARRET, CANCEL” and “HELP”, commands that are sent from their clients.
  • If “STOP, END, CANCEL, and ARRET” is received, the number must be blocked from receiving additional SMS from the Sender ID.
  • If “HELP, INFO, or AIDE” is received, the sender must respond with an email or contact number of the sender id.
Sender ID Header Requirement:
  • All SMS must have their identification name in the header of the message.
  • Example: If “8x8” is the brand name, the messaging format must be: “8x8: Hello this is a message from 8x8.”
Prohibited Content:
  • Carriers prohibit SMS messaging when it is unsolicited commercial content and considers this content to be "spam".
The following types of messaging on all SMS messaging products are all prohibited:
  • Content or links to content related to sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, or tobacco
  • Fraud and Phishing: Attempts to gain unauthorized access or username/password data Password or PII (Personally Identifiable Information) gathering, if it's illegal, it's not allowed
  • Impersonation: Impersonating a brand and/or identity of someone or something, using brand names or marks without the consent of the brand
Country restrictions Discouraged A2P Sending:
  • Spam, phishing or malicious Messaging
  • Number Sharing
  • Number/URL Cycling
  • Snowshoe Messaging
  • Grey Route Messaging
  • Artificial Traffic inflation fraud
  • Spoofing

DND is enabled.

Compliance with mandatory keywords in CA as well as bi-lingual support of mandatory keywords.

You can send promotional advertisements and other broadcast messages only to subscribers who have specifically opted-in to receive such messages.
Extra Information


  • Long Code (dedicated number) standard 10-digit phone numbers that are used to send and receive text messages and handle voice calls.
  • Dedicated/FTEU Short Code
  • Toll-Free All programs must be in both English and French If they are primarily in Canada, using only French is acceptable.
  • 8x8 currently offers 3 types of Sender ID channels: Short/TFEU Codes, Long Codes, and Toll-Free

Dedicated Short Code:

  • Short Codes are carrier approved programs, all short code programs are verified and tested by the carriers before they are live.
  • Short Codes offer superior speed and reliability.
  • Short Code routes support binary and Unicode encoding, and delivery receipts.
  • Short Codes are short 5+ numeric codes (ex. 11111), easy to remember and dedicated.
  • Short Code supports GSM 7-bit default alphabet and extension table - 3GPP TS 23.038

Free To End User Short Code (FTEU)

  • Offers the same feature as Dedicated Short Code.
  • The owner of the Free to End User Short code will be responsible for all costs (inbound and outbound).

Long Code

  • Long Codes are standard 10 digit numbers that are text enabled for SMS
  • Long Codes are best used for one to one messaging or services messages.
  • When used for high volume, more Long Codes may be required in order to process all messages.
  • Special characters are not supported.
  • Repeated Links and prohibited content are blocked by the carriers.
  • Long Code supports binary and Unicode encoding Long Code does not support delivery receipts. Long Code supports GSM 7-bit default alphabet and extension table - 3GPP TS 23.038


  • Toll-Free support binary and Unicode encoding, and delivery receipts.
  • Both inbound and outbound SMS will be billed. Toll-Free has higher speeds and throughputs over Long Codes.
  • Toll-Free content must be whitelisted before a number can go live.
  • Public URL shorteners are not allowed and will be blocked by the carriers.
  • Rotation of Toll-Free numbers will result in carrier blocks.
  • Toll-Free supports GSM 7-bit default alphabet and extension table - 3GPP TS 23.038


Canada Delivery Options


Canada SMS Sending Options Long Code Dedicated/ FTEU Short Code Toll-Free 
Example 12013511943 12345 1-888-555-5555
Daily Send Limit 1 MPS 100 MPS 30 MPS
United States Supported Yes No (Customer must purchase a US Dedicated Short Code) Yes
2 way SMS support Yes Yes Yes
Suggested Use Case


1 to 1 Messaging, Notification Alerts Non-Marketing, Customer Service, and Chat Applications

High Volume Messaging,



High Volume Messaging, 


Setup Time Within 7 Business Days


8-12 Weeks

Within 7 Business Days
Delivery Receipts (Selected Carriers*)

No (carrier will send a received status code, but there will be no confirmation receipt) 

Yes Yes

*Bell Mobility, Telus, Fido Solutions, and Rogers Wireless


Industry Reference(s):

CWTA Guidelines (Canada)

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