Delivery Receipts (DLR or DR) are Webhooks for delivery statuses: POST requests sent by 8x8 platform in JSON format to the delivery reports callback URL configured for your account.


Whenever a message has a new delivery status associated with the delivery stage it is in, 8x8 sends out a POST request with the new status to the callback URL.


DLR Webhook Format

Request body description

Parameter name Parameter type Description
namespace string A generic namespace for incoming webhook.
Equal to SMS for delivery receipts.
eventType string Webhook type.
Equals to outbound_message_status_changed for delivery receipts.
description string Human-readable description of the incoming event
payload object Delivery receipt information, see below.

Payload object description

Parameter name Parameter type Description
umid uuid A unique identifier generated by 8x8 for the message
batchId uuid A unique identifier generated by 8x8 for the message if sent using Batch API
clientMessageId string Your custom identifier for the message
clientBatchId string Client managed id for this batch of messages : your own unique reference
subAccountId string The sub-account id used to deliver the message
source string The source (i.e: sender) used to deliver the message
destination string Destination phone number where the SMS was sent (E.164 format)
status object Current status of the message, please see Message status reference for details.
price object Price information of the message, please see Price object reference for details
smsCount integer Number of SMS segment in the message


Below is a sample delivery receipt (DLR) for outbound SMS


"namespace": "SMS",

"eventType": "outbound_message_status_changed",

"description": "SMS outbound message delivery receipt",

"payload": {

"umid": "9e09ac86-bd74-5465-851d-1eb5a5fdbb9a",

"batchId": "3e09ac86-bd74-5465-851d-1eb5a5fdbb9b",

"clientMessageId": "1e09ac86-bd74-5465-851d-1eb5a5fdbb9b",

"clientBatchId": "2e09ac86-bd74-5465-851d-1eb5a5fdbb9b",

"subAccountId": "SubAccount-1",

"source": "8x8",

"destination": "+12025550293",

"status": {

"state": "undelivered",

"detail": "rejected_by_operator",

"timestamp": "2016-01-01T00:00:00Z",

"errorCode": 15, "errorMessage": "Invalid destination"


"price": {

"total": 0.0375,

"perSms": 0.0125,

"currency": "USD"


"smsCount": 3




For more information regarding DLR please look into our developer site via the below link:


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