In some cases, you may want to blacklist numbers (for example when users requested to never receive SMS or in the case you identify spam toward specific numbers). Luckily, this can be done directly in our customer portal with only a few clicks.


Please, be aware that it will take up to 24h for blacklisted numbers to take effect on our platform. We advise our customers to set blacklist numbers at least 24h before starting a Campaign. 


First, connect to your customer portal at

Once you are login to the portal, on the left menu, click on "contact" and then click on "Contact Groups". 




Then, click on "Create Group". 



You can set two types of blacklist groups. 

1) Group: "Blacklist" - This group will block outbound messages to blacklisted phones across ALL subaccounts of the account.
Group: "Blacklist:{SubAccountId}" - This group will block outbound messages to blacklisted phones in ONE subaccount only





Once your desired blacklist groups have been created, you will need to add the phone numbers that need to be blacklisted. 

Click on "Contact List" and then "Create Contact"



Enter the Mobile Phone Number to be blacklisted into the Mobile field and select the associated Groups (Either the Blacklist group so all SMS from any sub-account ID will be blacklisted or a Blacklist:{SubAccountId} to blacklist the number in a single Sub-Account ID). 



Then click on the "Create Contact" Button. 



You should see the added number and the associated group in the Contact List main screen as shown below. 



That's it, your number is now blacklisted. 

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