A "Card is not chargeable" error is generally linked to a pre-check done by our payment provider. To ensure we can find the exact root cause related to your credit card payment issue we will need your help to provide additional information. 

This information will help us to ensure our payment provider can accept your payment so you can top up your account in the future. 

First, you need to connect to "https://connect.8x8.com/" using Google Chrome. If you do not have Google Chrome installed, you can download it via the below link. 



Once you connect to your 8x8 connect account, click on payment, and right-click anywhere on the page, then click on "inspect"



On the right of your screen, a window with a lot of information and code will appear. Click on "Network" then on "Fetch/XHR" category. 



Once you have done the above steps, click on the "Make a payment" button. 



Now our system is interrogating our payment partner and generating information related to your credit card. Do not worry, all these pieces of information will never allow us to process any payment but they will ensure we can work with our partner technical team. 

Please click on the first sources line and take a screenshot of the information in the right panel. 



Then click on the second sources line and take a second screenshot of the information in the right panel. 



Following this, send us an email to "cpaas-support@8x8.com" stating "Card is not chargeable" in the subject and attach the 2 screenshots that you just took. Please don't forget to provide your name, and account ID if you know it. We will revert shortly with the reason behind the "card is not chargeable" error and will contact you to top up your account. 



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