In this article, we'll show you on how to connect your CleverTap account to use 8x8 Batch API in order to send your marketing campaign seamlessly.



  1. 8x8 Connect account
  2. CleverTap account


Setting up SMS channel:

  1. Login to your CleverTap account with admin access then proceed to Settings > Channels > SMS.
  2. Click +Add Provider button.
  3. Under Provider selection box, select Other (Generic).
  4. Set Preferred nickname.
  5. At Request Type, select POST
  6. At HTTP Endpoint, paste the 8x8 API endpoint{subAccountId}/partners/clevertap/batch
    NOTE: Please replace the parameter subAccountId with your 8x8 subAccountId for marketing campaign.
  7. Under Authentication, select No Authentication.
  8. Under Headers, you need to add below
    NOTE: Paste the API key value from your 8x8 Connect account.

  9. Under Parameters, choose JSON and add below
    "uid": "$$uid",
    "msgs": [
    "destination": "$$To",
    "text": "$$Body",
    "mid": "$$MessageID",
    "encoding": "auto",
    "partnerCallbackUrl": "<CleverTap-Callback-URL>"

    NOTE: From your CleverTap settings, copy the Callback URL and paste it into partnerCallbackUrl parameter.

  10. Check the Batch checkbox, input msgs in parameter and 1000 in times in a single payload.clevertap2.png
  11. Click Save.
  12. Open your newly configured SMS channel and copy the CleverTap Callback URL.
  13. Go to 8x8 Connect .
  14. Proceed to Webhook and add the CleverTap callback URL as your webhook of choosen subAccountId.


Setting up SMS throttle limit in CleverTap:

  1. Go to Settings > Setup > Campaign Limits.
  2. Click + Add channel and choose SMS.
  3. Under Throttle textbox, you can input preferred value from 100,000 to 600,000 max then Save.



Additional information when creating CleverTap campaign:

  1. Under SMS Editor section, you may need to input Global key-value pairs. You can input any preferred values.
  2. Under Delivery preferences, please ensure you select the desired throttle limit.

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