For the purpose of this guide, we will utilize Google Workspace as the Identity Provider (IdP) for facilitating Single Sign-On (SSO) with 8x8 Connect, the service provider. Prior to commencing the setup process, it is imperative to ensure that you possess "administrator" level access or have been granted authorization by your administrator to configure this functionality both in Google Workspace and 8x8 Connect.


  1. Open the 8x8 Connect Portal using your admin account.
  2. Go to Settings icon > User Management > Configure Single Sign-on to open the SSO configuration dialogue box.The following steps must be executed from your Google Workspace administrator account in order to complete the setup process.

  3. Go to > Web and mobile apps

  4. Add app > Add custom SAML app

  5. Give your SAML app a name. We suggest to name it to 8x8 Connect and click Continue.

  6. Under Step 2, titled "Google Identity Provider Details," copy and paste the provided information into the corresponding fields within 8x8 Connect. Upon completion of this step, proceed by clicking the "Continue" button.

    6.1 Google SSO URL -> 8x8 Connect Identity Provider URL
    6.2 Google Entity ID -> 8x8 Connect Identity Provider Issuer
    6.3 Google Certificate -> 8x8 Connect Key x509 Certificate

  7. Under Google Service provider details.
      7.1  Go to 8x8 Connect SSO dialogue box and copy the below URL

       7.2  Paste above information into Google ACS URL textbox.
       7.3 Input into Google Entity ID textbox.
       7.4 Under Name ID, ensure you select EMAIL as Name ID format and Basic Information > Primary Email as Name ID.

  8. Click Finish as you don't need to add mapping.
  9. Configuration for Google Workspace as Identity Provider and 8x8 Connect as Service Provider should be done after completing the steps.

    It is necessary to add users to both your Custom SAML app within Google Workspace and to 8x8 Connect.

  10. For Google Workspace, you may follow this google guide in order to turn on the SSO for desired users or all users.
  11. For 8x8 Connect, you can go to User Management > Invite User.

  12. Your 8x8 Connect users should receive an email and accept the invite.

  13. Your users can now login using SSO through created custom SAML app.
  14. You may access your SAML app in Google Workspace dashboard or Google quick dropdown

NOTE: Login via link using Google Workspace as IdP is not supported.


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