For this guide we will use Microsoft Azure Active Directory as Identity Provider (IdP) for 8x8 Connect (service provider) SSO. Before you begin make sure you have an "administrator" level access or your administrator has given you access to setup this up.


  1. Follow this guide to add an enterprise application.

  2. Open 8x8 Connect user management and click "Enable" button to enable SSO configuration.

  3. Take note of the following values, you only need these two values to configure SSO in MS Azure AD.
  4. Enable application SSO and use the values in step 3 to configure the basic SAML configuration on your AZURE AD.

  5. Once SSO is enabled, you need to copy the Login URL and download Certificate (Base64).

  6. Update 8x8 Connect SSO configuration using the Login URL and content of the downloaded certificate and click save.

    Testing your SSO
    1. On your SSO application, add a user (in this example your will add the user on MS Azure AD).
    2. Now go to Connect -> User Management and click "Invite user" and write the email address of the user you are inviting under your account and click "Set permission".
    3. Set the menus that your user will access.  
    4. Once you set the menus click "Apply" changes and then click "Send invites"
    5. Your user will get the invite from his email with a link to the SSO login from Connect ( 
    6. Your user will just have to type in their email address and should be able to login to Connect.
    (NOTE: Only users with "administrator" level access will need to setup their password) 
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