Assuming you are already logged into

Creating API keys 


   1. Go to API Keys menu on the left navigation pane.

   2. Click on “Create API Key” to create the new API Key that you will be using.


   3. Type the name of your new API key and click “Save”

  4. By default, your new API key will be activated (green check) after creating it.


  5. Your API keys are auto-generated, therefore, you will not be able to edit them. A document icon is provided for you to copy the key onto your clipboard.


   6. Click here for more information on how to use your API.


Editing your API keys


   1. Go to API Keys menu on the left navigation pane.

   2. To edit an API key, click on the edit icon.  

   3. To change the name of your API key, enter a new name on the input field. To disable the API key, simply click on the switch button (Enable).


   4. After you have renamed or disabled/enabled your API key, click “Save” to update your changes.

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