How do I send an SMS on the customer portal ?

You can send a text message to one or multiple mobile numbers via the SMS Sender. Follow these steps to send a text message.


   1. Log into the Customer Portal and select SMS on the menu on top.


   2. From the left navigation menu, go to SMS Sender


   3. There are three ways to enter a destination number:

      a. Contacts - (Default destination) you can manually enter one or more numbers on the field provided.

      b. Groups - Select any groups by typing the name of the group in the field provided.

      c. Upload - Use a .csv, .txt or .xlsx file to upload your contacts in our default format. (you may refer to the sample file provided).



After you have uploaded your contacts, you may manually amend the column labels. The default fields you can select from are the following: Mobile, FirstName, LastName and ClientMessageId. Alternatively, you may also add custom fields by typing it in, pressing enter, then selecting the respective field.

   4. Key in the Sender ID that you wish to use for this message. We always save your Sender ID automatically - the next time you want to use the same Sender ID, all you have to do is to search and select from the dropdown list.

Note: Some countries do not support alphanumeric Sender IDs. Should they are supported, pre-registration is sometimes also required. Additionally, we discourage the use of single spacing as this might affect the successful delivery of your messages. Single spacing may vary for different operators in different countries. Please contact our support team, for assistance with regards to your Sender IDs.


   5. Enter your message content in the message field.


   6. You may choose to enter a clientmessageid on the field provided. A clientmessageid is basically a way for you to label or tag your messages. These tags could be use for data analysis or reporting (identify certain group of messages to which client it belongs to). You are allowed to use a maximum of 50 alphanumeric characters including spaces.

Screen_Shot_2018-07-31_at_11.34.56.png   As an alternative and highly recommended way to use clientmessageid, when sending to a bunch  of numbers is to provide this column on your csv or xlxs file. By default we provided this field which you can select as a column.


   7. Once you are done with your message input, select when you wish to send your message, either immediately or to schedule them at a later timing. By default “Send message now” is pre-selected to send your message immediately.


   8. To schedule your message, just click “Schedule this message”. Select the date and time you wish to send your message and the correct timezone. Your timezone is by default set to where your current location is.


   9. After you sign up, a sub-account is created and pre-selected for you. You may change this if you have different sub-accounts, which can be created by submitting a request to us here.


   10. Click “Process Now” to process your message. Alternatively, you can choose to re-submit all the fields by clicking “Start Again”


   11. A final confirmation will prompt you to review your message. Typically your message or messages are treated as campaigns. A campaign name is pre-generated for you, of which you can override by typing on the field provided


   12. After clicking “Send”, the application will redirect you to the campaigns page. You can view the list of your campaigns anytime, under Analytics->Campaigns.



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