How do I use the customer portal dashboard ?

Once you log into Wavecell customer portal, it will bring you directly to the customer portal dashboard.


On the left, you will see the navigation bar.  This is where you can navigate through the different function tabs.


The top box on the left displays your profile information it will show your company name, a link to settings and different reminders, such as completing your billing details and verifying your mobile number to get free credits.


On the top right, you will see the campaigns and contacts information box. Here, it will display your most recent campaigns and the number of contacts and groups that you have created. The box also provides you with quick links to add new contacts,create campaigns or view a list of your campaigns.


Just below the campaigns and contacts information box, you have the message summary information box. Here, it will display a summary of the volume of messages delivered, undelivered and rejected in a single graph. It also shows the cost and delivery rate for the current date, week or month.


The box also displays the top countries where you have sent your messages to, alongside the top operators within each country.

On the rightmost part of your dashboard is the notifications and activities log. Here, it notifies you of new pricing, new Wavecell product releases and site maintenance schedules. The activities shows your every action applied within the customer portal. This includes scheduling a campaign, creating new contacts, importing a file and more.


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