Here are the possible message statuses in 8x8 Connect:


  • PROCESSING or RECEIVED - the message has been received by our platform and it is currently being processed before being sent to the carrier.
  • SENT - The message has been sent to the operator and 8x8 has not received an acknowledgment yet from the operator.
  • DELIVERED - This means the message has been "delivered to the handset". If the status is not available from the operators, this means that 8x8 has received the confirmation from the carrier that the message has been "delivered to the carrier".
  • READ - This means the message has been read by the recipient
  • UNDELIVERED - We have received confirmation that the message was not delivered. This can be due to various reasons such as:
    • Mobile handset is unavailable (e.g. mobile is switched off or on roaming mode)
    • Filtered out by the operator
  • REJECTED - The message has not been accepted by our platform. This can be due to some errors such as incorrect mobile numbers or insufficient credit. You will not be charged for rejected messages.
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    Elwin Jusuf Togatorop

    Hi team, what is the difference between status "SENT" and "DELIVERED"?

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    Numrah Ch

    Greetings team, what's wrong when the status is undelivered? Possibly reason is 

    • Filtered out by the operator

    How to resolve it?

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    Adrian Sitorus

    "Hello team, I have a question regarding the 'UNDELIVERED' status.

    Is it possible for messages to be filtered out by the operator? If so, how can we determine if this is happening?


    In my case, sometimes messages are delivered successfully, but other times they fail. When messages are successfully delivered, there is a significant delay of up to 5 hours before the user receives the OTP via SMS.

    Thank you for your assistance."

    My Region is in Indonesia, and the phone number is 
    0856xxxxxxx (11 digit)

    And also, where can i reach the contact support?

    Edited by Adrian Sitorus
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