How can I view my transactions ?

After making any payment, you can easily check the status of your transactions by viewing the transactions page.

Note: For postpaid accounts, you need to email finance to request for your invoices. Viewing transactions will only work for non-postpaid accounts.


   1. Log into the Customer Portal.


   2. From the left navigation menu, go to Payments -> Transactions to start viewing your transactions.


   3. Your transaction status can be marked as:

- Under Review - If you just top-up new credits, updates typically takes only a few minutes.

- Success - Payments have been approved, and credits will be added immediately.

- Failed - If the transaction appears to be suspicious.


   4. If your transaction is approved (marked as ‘success’), you should see a printer icon on the right, where you can print, view or save your transaction.


   5. This is what a successful transaction will look like : 


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