There are two ways two get SMS pricing, either via 8x8 connect or via our GET SMS price list API.

Viewing pricing within 8x8 Connect

Navigating to Pricing Within 8x8 Connect 
You can view your SMS pricing within 8x8 Connect:

Alternatively, you can log in to your account and navigate to the pricing section on the left-most column. 


Please make sure that you select your filters:

- Select SMS (1)

- Country (2)

- Subaccount (3)

*Do take note that country has to be selected before subaccount or an error will be shown*

An example is shown in the screen capture below. 


Selecting Multiple Subaccount

You can also select multiple subaccount(s) after you have selected your first by clicking on the subaccount menu and selecting other SMS related subaccount. In the example below, I have selected ChatApps Subaccounts that have SMS fallback.


Downloading a .csv pricing report based on your selection
Based on your filters and selection, you can also opt to have your pricing report downloaded as .csv file. Upon clicking the "Export SMS" button that is below the subaccount filter, it will trigger a file download to your local system. 



Viewing pricing through API - Get SMS price list

We also support retrieving your SMS price list through our API offering. You may use our "Get SMS Price list" to retrieve your pricing details. The API will be sending a GET Request to retrieve your pricing information based on your provided Criteria. AccountId is a required field and can be via your 8x8 connect portal -

Other Optional criteria that would offer greater granularity:

- country code ( (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2

-  Mobile Country Code - mcc (Mobile country code)

- Mobile Network Code - mnc (Mobile country code) - this is usually next to your mobile country code information

- direction (outbound or inbound)

- SubAccountId

*Example of a request via is shown below



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