What are the countries restrictions in Malaysia for SMS ?

Supported and non supported features for SMS :

1) Handset delivery receipts are not reliable. In fact, Delivery receipts are network receipts and not handset ones and therefore should not be taken as an accurate measure of delivery.

2) Dynamic Sender ID is not supported.

3) Unicode is supported.

4) Concatenated Messages are supported to all networks except DiGi

Sender Id :

Sender IDs are all overwritten with a Short code which is unique to each supplier and network operator. Short codes are pre-determined and cannot be changed.

Content Restrictions

Please note that "RM 0.00" (with a space after the last 0) may be added to message bodies. This is done to inform end users that they were not charged to receive this message. If you have not added this to your message body, the operator will automatically add it and your message may be charged as 2 messages if the new total length exceeds the limit for 1 message.


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