How do I top up credits to my account?

Supported payment methods include Credit Card and bank transfer.


You can add credits from the bottom-left menu by clicking “Add credit” or "Payment"


1. Enter your desired amount in the top up amount field. The minimum amount is ten (10) Euros. Currently, transactions are only allowed in Euros currency.

2. For credit card payments, you will need to enter the name on your credit card, credit card number, expiry date and verification number (a 3-4 digit number at the back or front of your card).

3. You can save the information on your card by ticking the checkbox that says “Save my payment information for future billings”

4. By default, auto-payment is enabled where your card will be debited automatically whenever you reach or fall below the balance you set. By default it is set to5 Euros. You can change these defaults by clicking "Change auto-payment".

5. Once the payment has been successfully made, you will be directed to the transaction page.

6. All transactions go through our internal payment reviews, before a credit can be successfully added. This is to ensure that your payment information is fully protected.

7. Once your payment is approved (Success status), you will receive an approval email.

8. If your payment is not approved (Failed status), you can use another credit card. Alternatively, you may email us at

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